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Natural Lacquered Wooden Coasters

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Natural Lacquered Wooden Coasters with Mother of Pearl Inlay

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Natural Lacquered Wooden Coasters with Mother of Pearl inlay.
Lacquer is a natural paint with delicate scent and sheen. It is rot-resistant, moisture-proof, antibacterial, far-infrared radiation emissive and electromagnetic shielding. For these effects, it is highly praised by world-class artists.

│ Company introduction │

The simplicity and frankness that harbor the nature and the beauty that comes out of everyday living provide the comfort and happiness to life. The beauty that sometimes comes splendidly, elegantly, freely, and gracefully brings warmth to the heart that becomes the long lasting afterglow and impression.

Under the vision, to globalize Korean crafts & culture, ARIJIAN tries to introduce the excellence of traditional Korean crafts to the whole world as well as homeland. We only make environmentally-friendly products using natural materials such as natural lacquer, colorful mother of pearl which is the common name for iridescent nacre. We also present a variety of products that are boastful of their beauty by combining the artistry and aesthetics in them with the values of the times.

All the products are made by the artisans who have been walking a single path as a lacquer master and you can also feel their passion and sincerity. At ARIJIAN our team of designers pride themselves on being to the foreign the latest design trends. Our young designers who are working in America and Japan to globalize Korean lacquer culture and experienced artisans with the strength of their accumulated skills collaboratively struggle to offer the world best.